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A new Healthcare Benefits Administration and Billing platform – still in stealth mode, and in pilot with a major US Payor.  Stay tuned…


An Excel based application to assist you with technology project portfolio and roadmap planning, resource leveling & utilization, and aligning with your management team.

Without a clear understanding of your capacity to deliver projects, you cannot possibly sign up to an IT project portfolio, or a software product roadmap.

pCapacity is a tool to help you quickly establish that capacity, load in project expectations, and see exactly what you can accomplish.    At the 18-month planning horizon, and with vague product or project scope statements, nothing is easy, and accuracy is not possible. But you still need a model that represents your best guess on resource requirements, your best guess at what it takes to keep the lights on, and your best guess at where the peaks and troughs are in utilization.

You also need to be able to demonstrate this quantifiably. And respond to your C-team’s questions, such as “what if we reduce scope on ProjectX?”.  “what if we add $500k to the budget?”.

This isn’t enterprise planning, and it doesn’t take a team of architects to get you there.  This spreadsheet reduces all the hypotheticals and gut estimates to numbers, and lets you play in simple drag-and-drop scheduling with all the projects.

It’s fast, easy, and affordable.