We’ll help you put proven practices in place to help you get the best from your teams.

How many of these project symptoms do you see?

  • Missed milestones?
  • Borrowing resources from one project to assist a limping project?
  • Functional descoping?
  • Lack of visibility to project status?
  • One or more skill areas seeming to struggle to keep up?
  • High dependency on key individuals?
  • High interrupt rates on development staff?
  • Disengaged team members?

It’s highly likely that you have some fundamental capacity planning and expectation management issues. Whether you are an IT organization, a software development house, or an agency, we can help you to get the trains running on time, and reduce the high stress levels.  And while you certainly have the skills and the management to do it too, it is so much easier and faster for an external consultant to cut through all the history, org chart issues, personalities, and alt-agendas to get an answer quickly.  We will be focused on the problems, getting to root causes, bringing back an impartial review, and develop the plan with you from there.

We’ll look at several key areas and work on a step-by-step approach that is unique to your team and your goals.

  • Roadmap and Project Portfolio governance – how do projects get into the portfolio? And when they do, what data is it based on?
  • Agile inspection points, and iterative estimation process. Even ahead of firm requirements.
  • Continuous scorecard process for projects that are being considered for the portfolio.
  • Portfolio Schedule development, review process, and stakeholder negotiation
  • Review and Steering process for continued roadmap management

This can be as rapid as a 6 to 8 week part-time engagement, making it a very affordable step for any sized IT or software product team.  The results are:

  • Clear expectations by stakeholders
  • Higher project delivery success rate
  • Better alignment with business goals
  • More visibility to progress
  • More engagement of team members, which produces higher throughput
  • Fewer late nights and weekends in firefights and deadline skirmishes
  • Raised morale, because there is visible control and a plan
  • When each small project succeeds, it breeds success for everyone

Whether you are mid-stream and need to do a rapid assessment of your current situation, or are developing a new roadmap for upcoming success, our experienced consultants can help you achieve your corporate objectives.

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